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mother + storyteller

Hi! Iā€™m Kristen. I am a mother of two humans, two felines, and many, many unfinished projects. Word-seeker, storyteller, coffee-chugger, tear-wiper extraordinaire! Alongside my husband, KC, I own and run a small toy shop in the town of Sonora, California called Little Roots. You can find out more about that slice of my life here. I am also a trained Yoga + Meditation teacher, a graduate of IIN in plant based nutrition, and often integrate that knowledge into my writing as well.

Our little family lives in a leaning Victorian, just a block away from our shop. We are in the thick of transforming it into an urban farm + sustainable Bed & Breakfast.

I create and share short works of both fiction and non-fiction here on my blog, as well as on my instagramI have a printed collection of short stories available here, and hope to release another collection in the coming year. 

I believe that stories live and breathe in the air around us. They collect in corners and cling to coat tails and knock about in the very bottom of your sock drawer. From a very young age, I've felt a kind of static electricity on my skin - stories stick, whether I'd like them to or not!

Your stories, and mine, and theirs, and ours.

So, sit down. Breathe in. Pour yourself something warm and sweet to drink as you scroll, read, click, scroll again. Taste the words in your cheeks - as round and full as peaches. I am so happy to be here, in this slice of virtual reality. I hope that you can feel a tangible sense of me here, too.